If you enjoy chewing gum…

why not give yourself a nutrition boost while freshening your breath?

Vitamin D

sleeve open of vitamingum fresh peppermint and logo of vitamingum fresh with 12 essential vitamins

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sleeve of vitamingum fresh spearmint flavor sugar-free and nutrient-enhanced
sleeve of vitamingum fresh cinnamon flavor sugar-free and nutrient-enhanced
sleeve of vitamingum fresh peppermint flavor sugar-free and nutrient-enhanced
vitamingum® FRESH is sugar-free, nutrient-enhanced, chewing gum. Fresh Breath + 12 Essential Vitamins. Great taste. 12 pieces per pack. 6 packs per tray. Antioxidants, B-Vitamins, Vitamin D. Freshen your breath and get a balanced blend of essential nutrients to supplement your daily food intake. Chew anytime during a busy day of work, study or play to gain an extra boost of nutrition. Chewing gum is a great delivery vehicle for nutritional ingredients as it allows for faster absorption into the blood stream via the mucous lining in your mouth and the small intestines. vitamingum® FRESH is the only nutrient-enhanced chewing gum that gives you a full complement of ingredients.