Wellness Benefits of Chewing SMARTGUM®

and vitamingum® Products

SMARTGUM® and vitamingum® products have been scientifically-proven to rapidly release the designated nutrients into the saliva minutes after the start of chewing.  Plus, some of these nutrients have registered in the blood plasma within an hour.  This third-party bio-availability pharmacokinetics research study was conducted by researchers in The Food Science Department at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park PA.  ©2017
SMARTGUM® or vitamingum® FRESH are great to chew while at work, helping you concentrate on the task at hand. It’s also good for reducing those cravings for snacks in-between meals at your desk. Both products are SUGAR-FREE with NO ASPARTAME. They’re a fun, tasty, easy way to get essential vitamins and nutrients on-the-go anywhere.

Chew SMARTGUM® or vitamingum® FRESH when having fun with your kids. We know they take a lot of energy and concentration to keep up the pace.

Stay Healthy.  Be Happy.  Chew SMARTGUM®
or vitamingum® FRESH Daily.